August: $3,000 to the Northumberland United Way Backpack for Kids Program.

September:  $5000 to MFS (Doctors Without Borders) for their project in Somalia.

$2500 to Sleeping Children Around the World.

$2,000 to Operation Eyesight. 

$2000 to the Newmarket Literacy Project in Tanzania, in cooperation with 3 other Rotary Clubs.

$2000 to the Kiru Public Clinic in Tanzania, in cooperation with the Alliston Rotary Club with matching District funds.

$5000 to the Kilema Primary School Project in Tanzania to support 16 students from Kawatha Pine Ridge District School Board on a "sweat equity" project.

$1093 to the Golden Plough Lodge towards the cost of a manual wheel chair.

October: $2,600 for Rotary Scholarship for the Cobourg District Collegiate Institute East High School.

$1500 to Cobourg Public Library to help fund the annual Share Your Stories contest.  Read more

December:  $1,800 to Friends of Honduran Children for a Medical trip to Honduras to buy medical drugs for patients (Dr. Bill Moebus is a member of the team). 

$1,900 to Community Care Northumberland for the purchase of a collapsible wheel chair to be used in their transportation van. 

$2,170 for a special bed for an MS patient.

$1000 to the Giving Tree for Christmas gifts to needy children.

January:  $500 to the United Church Women of Canada on their 50th Anniversary to support the Morogoro Women's Centre project in Central Tanzania. 

$1000 to the St. Patrick's ASS in Kingston, Jamaica for utensils to support Fabian Brown's Culinary Arts Program. 

$1000 to the Nipigon Rotary Club for school uniforms and supplies for their "sweat equity" project in Managa, Nicaragua. 

$2,000 to the Canrad / Kenya Rarieda development program to help restore the school after a devastating fire. 

$135 to the Salvation Army to pay for a removal of an abscessed tooth. 

$15,000 to Rebound Youth Services in equal amounts over two years to a program to help youth with violent behavior. 

$500 to the Newtonville Gazebo project. 

$1,950 to the Fishabilty Sports Club to purchase three hockey sledges and sticks. 

$7,704 towards the club's share of Camp Enterprise.  Read more

February: $720 for an air purifier to minimize child's breathing difficulties. 

$1,073 to Lakeshore Lynx Basketball Club to purchase and print new sports bags for the team. 

March: $1,885 towards providing potable water in outlying villages of Choleteca, Honduras. 

$1,500 to Youth for Christ for the costs of local labour on a project in Gambia to provide a school for the disowned children of Muslin parents.

$2,500 to Cobourg Center for Individual Studies for scholarships. 

$1,140 to support 3 Cobourg students to serve with Youth for Christ in West Africa. 

$1,017 to Cobourg Police Services for their Drug Awareness campaign to Grade 6 students. 

$1,750 to the Kilema, Tanzania irrigation project, the project is supported by the Alliston, Toronto Twilight and Cobourg Rotary Clubs in association with Moshi Kilema Kati Rotary Club in Tanzania, with matching District funds. 

April: $5,000 to YMCA Northumberland for the purchase of a pool lift chair.

$3,000 to Bridge Residential Hospice in Warkworth for the construction of a staircase in their residence. 

$9,000 to the West Northumberland Curling Club for the purchase of a set of 16 curling stones. 

May: $695 to the Salvation Army of Cobourg to assist with the cost of a bath/chair lift for a disabled adult.

June: $360 to the Salvation Army Community Family Services for medication for a cancer patient.